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Who we are?

Creating new experiences and memories.

MxLanding is a consulting firm dedicated to the establishment and advisement of international, national and local companies, with the objective of personalizing their arrival to Mexico.


We perform site selections for the new plant, assign the desired building or piece of land, and we fulfill our client's requirements"; everything under the Build-to-suit model, for sale or lease.

With headquarters in San Luis Potosi, we are located in the center of the country with excellent connections via railroads and highways with Mexico’s main industrial states and strategic countries like the USA.




Missamex, the group’s main company with over 30 years of experience in industrial construction, realized that there are needs behind its buildings and had the vision to create an independent firm to guide the companies interested in investing in Mexico.


Our philosophy is based on trust and personalized attention in a comprehensive service.


Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Creativity and Punctuality




Being the trusting link to advice and accomplish the establishment of new companies and expansion projects in Mexico.


Mexico’s grand openness to the world provides us with the opportunity to maximize your business in a rapid-growing environment.


Max your opportunities, Max in Mex

Civil Engineering.

Manufacture and Installation of Tempered

Glass and Aluminum Frames.

Our Group

Expact Services.

Design and Manufacture of Furniture

and Carpentary.

Electric Installations.

Metallic Structure Construction.

Of companies offers complementary

and comprehensive services.

Marketing & Video.